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The Popcorn Auteur

Pretty straightforward. We watch all the movies of famous filmmakers and then discuss anything and everything that happens to interest us about them.

Aug 29, 2023

James Mangold has one of the more eclectic filmmaking careers. From indie dramas to romantic comedies to R-rated superheros and now Indiana Jones, Mangold's films run the gamut. We were excited to explore this filmography and shocked to discover that Mangold lifts the time travel dynamics directy from Kate & Leopold for...

Jul 7, 2023

Fresh off of winning the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for Women Talking, Sarah Polley is posed to become a major voice in modern filmmaking. In this episode, we review Polley's short but impressive list of films. Warning: We also talk rickshaws.

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May 12, 2023

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are filmmakers that embody independent filmmaking. There latest film, Something in the Dirt was made largely by just three people. In this episode, we have a blast jumping into their micro-budget Lovecraftian multiverse. 


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Mar 28, 2023

Our film education continues with the films of Kasi Lemmons. Lemmons made the transition from acting to behind the camera with the stellar Eve's Bayou. A filmmaking career that has spanned over 25 years, including 2019's Harriet, her writing and directing output is worth a look. Join us as we discuss. 

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Feb 27, 2023

Shane Black was once Hollywood's hottest screenwriter. After some rough times, he transitioned into the director's chair and has helmed a Marvel Cinematic Universe film (Iron Man 3) and 2018's The Predator. Nonetheless, we were most excited to talk about his other films - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and The Nice Guys

In this...