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The Popcorn Auteur

Pretty straightforward. We watch all the movies of famous filmmakers and then discuss anything and everything that happens to interest us about them.

Oct 31, 2019

John Carpenter's films have been remade, imitated, and satirized.  In this episode, we go to the source material and dive into the first five films that Carpenter wrote and directed, included cult classic Assault on Precinct 13.  Also, it's Halloween!  What better time to check out the works of a horror master?  Paul...

Oct 16, 2019

When you have a fan that recommends a filmmaker that "carries on the legacy" of Jane Campion, it's worth taking note.  Andrea Arnold's films may not be easy to watch, but there is power in her work.  In this episode, we immerse ourselves in the Arnold's films. 


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